What To Expect At WordCamp

If you’ve never been to a WordCamp and don’t know what to expect, our good friend Troy Dean from WP Elevation put together some awesome testimonial videos that will help explain what you can expect from a WordCamp.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve had a number of questions about WordCamp about what to expect over the weekend. We’ve tried to cover them all here, but please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.

I missed out on a ticket, can I please have one?

We have unfortunately sold out 🙁 If you are interested in getting a last minute ticket, you can add your name to the waiting list, however it’s unlikely there will be any available at this stage and our waiting list already has a number of people on it. We promise to have more tickets available for the next #WCBNE.

Are the sessions being recorded?

Yes! We are aiming to record all the sessions and upload them to WordPress.tv after the event.

Will there be WiFi?

If everything goes to plan then yes! We’ve made provision for WiFi at the venue.

What time does it start?

The first sessions will kick off around 9am on each day, however please arrive earlier for registration if possible so we can give you your badge and shirt. Registration will be open from 8am and you’ll only need to visit the registration desk once.

What time does it end?

The sessions will wrap up at about 5pm both Saturday and Sunday, however we also have an afterparty on the Saturday night. The afterparty runs from 6:30pm until midnight but you can come and go as you please, just remember to bring your badge. There will be food at the afterparty so there’s no need to get dinner beforehand, but we won’t stop you if you are so inclined.

Do I need a laptop?

You won’t need a laptop, however we do recommend having something such as a laptop, tablet or notepad to take notes on as there will be lots of valuable learning from our amazing speakers.

What if I have a problem on the day?

Please see one of our awesome volunteers for any issues you run into. They will be wearing purple shirts and will be able to help or direct you to someone who can.

What’s the hashtag?

We love seeing your tweets and photos from WordCamps! Please use the #WCBNE hashtag on social media, and please use uppercase.

How do I get there?

We’ve got a whole page on getting to WordCamp.

I can’t make it anymore, can I have a refund?

We can’t make any guarantees either way, but please let us know.

Any other questions?

Contact us on through our contact form or see one of our volunteers at WordCamp.

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