Lets Celebrate WordCamp!

Hey there Groovers, you are probably wondering when we are going to get around to letting you know all the amazing things happening with the now famous WordCamp Brisbane after party.

You may have questions burning inside you like:

  • Where is it going to be?
  • What time does it start?
  • Can I wear my onesie?
  • Or what the frack is a WordCamp after party anyways?

Well buckle up little camper because I am here to give you all this information and more right now.

The after party is a fun event, and a good chance to catch up with old friends or make new ones, it is traditionally held on the Saturday night so as to allow for those who need to get away early on Sunday to still enjoy the festivities.

We have chosen a most auspicious venue to hold this year’s galah event, and it will be in the beautiful Botanic Bar at QUT.

Proceedings will kick off at 6:30pm on Saturday after WordCamp has concluded for the day and run until late.
We’d suggest you take the opportunity to take a stroll over to South Bank for the Night Noodle Markets (or many other food outlets) or up into the CBD for some dinner with the new friends you’ve met during WordCamp.

The wearing of onesies is allowed and encouraged, providing you wear safe footwear as well.
You’ll need your WordCamp badge to get in the door, so please don’t forget it!

We would like to thank our gracious sponsor The Code Company for making this event possible!

The Code Company are an Australian technical agency, specialising primarily in WordPress development. Solving complex technical problems for corporates, publishers and government alike.

So we hope you can come along and help us party the night away, have a few drinks, and have a truly awesome time.

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