Sponsor #WCBNE

We’re inviting any companies interested in supporting WordCamp Brisbane, and by extension, the WordPress community in Australia, to support this fantastic event!

WordCamps are hailed worldwide as one of the best value for money conferences on the planet, and with WordPress now powering in excess of 27% of the web, they attract a large and diverse audience from the technology sector, from bloggers, designers and all the way up to the leaders of the web community.

WordCamps keep ticket prices extremely low and normally occur on the weekend to help ensure that people of all walks of life can make the event – no matter their profession or background. In order to keep the ticket prices so low, we rely upon the generosity of our sponsors to cover the majority of the cost of the event – while also keeping the costs of our suppliers as low as possible to allow us to accept sponsorship from businesses small and large.

If WordPress helps your business thrive, you build on top of WordPress, or you just want to help support the Australian WordPress community we’d welcome your interest in sponsoring WordCamp Brisbane.

We’re expecting to have in the range of 300 attendees in 2017, ranging from new users to seasoned developers!

Please check out our Sponsorship Prospectus to see if any of our packages suit your company, and get in contact through the below form.

Check out the Code of Conduct page here, the sponsorship requirements for WordCamps here and what you should generally expect from a WordCamp here.