Speaker Announcements: Round 7

As WordCamp approaches (Can you believe it? In 3 weeks time we’ll be writing a Thanks for Coming! post!) we’re finalising locking down Shirt orders, Catering, and other Swag. If you’ve not yet got a ticket, now would be a good time to nab one of the remaining 1 tickets!
So without further adieu, here’s another 4 great presentations we’re all looking forward to!

Myles Agnew

Myles Agnew is a practicing defensive cyber security advisor to QLD Government. Previous clients include NSW Government, and several multinational companies.
He is a member of Australian Information Security Association (AISA) Leading body for information and cyber security professionals with over 9 years experience in the Information Security industry.
Passionate WordPress user since 2006.

Presenting: Cyber Security the Journey down the rabbit hole
Join Myles on his Cyber security journey of his past failures and how he has grown in to practical cyber security to reduce the fears in your client and stakeholders when making the move or starting out with WordPress.

This is live interactive presentation using a mobile phone voting platform to guide the presentation to answer the big questions and solve the big problems around securing WordPress and Cyber Security in general.

Rheinard Korf

At the age of twelve Rheinard discovered a love for programming languages and writing software for friends and family. Whilst studying Information Technology Rheinard also discovered a love for teaching programming and has done so for over a decade before turning to programming as a career.

After working with other platforms such as Drupal and Moodle, Rheinard decided to settle on WordPress in 2014; developing plugins as products and for client projects. More recently Rheinard has fallen in love with API design and development, within the WordPress space as well as other frameworks and languages.

Presenting: Finding REST: When machines talk to each other
Designing APIs for machines can be exciting and challenging. In this talk we will be exploring what it has been like to build a service for machine clients using the WordPress REST API.

Topics that we will touch on include: custom endpoints vs. content endpoints; authentication; documenting your API with an API Definition Language; non-WordPress machine clients; and of course the challenges and opportunities we faced building an API with WordPress.

Paula Glynn & Melinda Samson

Paula is the search specialist at PixelStorm, a web development agency specializing in conversion focused websites. A true data nerd, paula will find ways to use data to improve any digital outcome, from PPC to website UX and conversion rates!

Melinda is the founder and co-owner of Click-Winning Content and is a Premier Google Partner with over ten years of AdWords experience. She provides consulting, training and management services to help Australian business owners maximise their investment in Google AdWords & use their Google Analytics data to improve their business performance.

Presenting: Google Analytics: Your secret weapon for conversion focused websites

In this talk, Paula and Mel will demonstrate the power of Google Analytics to win clients, and help you add value to your website projects, including:

  • How to produce reports that you can give to clients
  • The importance of conversion tracking & how to setup
  • Lighting “How to” guide for Google Tag Manager
  • Using Google Analytics data in web pitches
  • Using Google Analytics to influence web design & development

Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown is a freelance web designer and developer specialising in custom WordPress websites for business and organisations, providing services to clients across Australia, supported by a network of creative freelancers in the co-working community.

Sarah is most passionate about the internet’s ability to connect people online so that they may forge even stronger connections offline. She is dedicated to helping people get their ideas of the ground and helping businesses grow through a beautiful blend of marketing and technology. Alongside her freelance career, she is also an aspiring tech communicator, and has run sessions at local co-working spaces aimed at helping small businesses better understand their needs for the web.

Presenting: User-Centered Design – front and back – with WordPress
As WordPress developers, we should aim for a true user-first strategy to design and develop customised WordPress Installations, and not fall back on ‘premium’ themes, page builders, and one-size-fits-all approaches. So many times I have taken over WordPress websites that look like the original ‘developer’ just chucked the business description into a theme marketplace and bought the first theme on the list (cafe/gym/photographer etc). While this sort of thing can be great for a small business DIYers, it should not be too pervasive in the world of professional service providers.

Sarah will explore all of what she’s seen and show how we can design for what the end-user needs and how to setup the WordPress dashboard in a way which allows your client to manage their website easily using tools such as Advanced Custom Fields and theme frameworks such Genesis.

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