Announcing Our First Speakers

We’re pleased to announce that our first two speakers for WordCamp Brisbane 2017 have been chosen!

While speaker submissions are still open until the 28th, we felt that these two presentations offer a unique insight that we’re proud to include in our lineup. We’ve still got another two dozen (or so) schedule slots to fill, so get your submissions in and look out for the upcoming speaker announcements soon!

We’re happy to announce that our first two speakers are none other than Anna Harrison, and Peter Wilson. Both Anna and Peter are well known amongst their respective WordPress communities and we’re happy to have them on board!

Anna Harrison

Anna Harrison is an award winning speaker, author and designer. She currently leads User Experience design at Ephox, makers of the world’s most popular Web editing products including and TinyMCE (the editor inside WordPress that you all know and love).

Presenting: 7 Common UX testing mistakes and how to avoid them
Anna will look at seven of the most common mistakes made in user testing, and how to avoid them. The presentation will be packed with examples and footage from real user tests, and is ideal for those new to user testing or in need of a refresher.

Peter Wilson

Peter Wilson is a web engineer with over twenty years experience and a healthy obsession with front-end code, back-end code and keeping the web fast. He works at Human Made where he helps make websites that scale and is a WordPress core guest committer.

Presenting: Impostor syndrome: Make it while you fake it
Peter will remove his own mask of confidence and share his experiences of imposter syndrome, making an attempt to separate the real from the imagined. He’ll talk about objective success and reveal how his own internal monologue undermines it at every turn. Peter will share his techniques for getting over his own impostor syndrome as it recurs in his day-to-day job. What works, what doesn’t and how sometimes they can sometimes be the same thing.

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